Islamic project Financing and the Messina Strait

October has seen many new initiatives proposed by the Italian government both in a national and international context.

FT Innovative Lawyers


FT Innovative Lawyers

Nctm is the only italian Law Firm shortlisted for the fifth consecutive year in FT Innovative Lawyers Europe 2016 report. On October 6 Report the has been published . 

Ttip, too much importance is given to Dop protection


Ttip, too much importance is given to Dop protection

For O'Connor lawyer, international trade expert, is guaranteed to coexist with the brands. "Underrated other barriers to exports in the US" - Warning to new offensive on the labels

Wine, new burdens for protection consortia


Wine, new burdens for protection consortia

Bureaucracy. Warning on labels that indicate the risks for health


The 84/94 reform hits the mark: Yes to Port Authorities leaner and managerial

A reform that hits the mark and which is preparing to become the driving tool of a national ports policy centralized and less parochial.


EU: Companies will be expected to notify security breaches under NIS Directive

The Luxembourg Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers announced, on 7 December 2015, that it had reached an informal agreement with the European Parliament on the text of the proposed Directive on Network and Information Security Directive ('the NIS Directive').

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