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A new year... under a new brand
The year now coming to an end is the sixteenth year of operation of the Firm.

Sixteen years, if considered only from the numerical point of view and if compared to the long history of other law firms, would make Nctm seem like a teenager.

In fact, the Firm, even if it has grown a lot over the years, has stayed young: the dynamism, the orientation to the future, the sense of community, the determination to grow, learn, share, experiment and be a protagonist are some of the features that, from the beginning, has characterised it.

From the day in which it was established, the vision and the innovation, understood as the ability to interpret the prospective and adapt one’s behaviour, have been the essence of the Firm. The necessary thought to sustain the determination to be a protagonist of present, past and future. It is the answer to the question most frequently asked: why do I do what I do?

To know and to make this knowledge available is today a simple and a complex task at the same time. New instruments and increasingly more advanced dynamics facilitate the daily practices but risk to produce inadequate and superficial results.

The high quality level of the services was and remains a key value but, today more than ever, the service, the timeliness, the precision, the control of the repercussions in other fields, and also a dose of pragmatism are equally necessary.

The organisational efficiency, the training and the commitment to art, on which the Firm has always focused, are therefore the driving force of a mechanism which encourages the individual and collective know-how, but also the habit of developing one’s ability to interpret the world.

Nctm is then connective intelligence, sharing, vision.

In a traditionally conservative and self-referential world, the Firm has had an attitude that may be defined if not irreverent at least against the trend from the very beginning and consistently with the path chosen..
Starting from the choice of an acronym as its brand and, gradually, to the depersonalisation of the names of the founders in the acronym. Continuing with the fresh and ironic communication strategy of the drawings of Carlo Stanga, and also to the commitment to art and culture by now well-established.

The current profile of the Firm, of which the acronym has been the main synthesis and guiding principle, is deliberately designed to convey an image of institutional and organisational strength. This has become over the years a closed space unable to contain and express the advanced and dynamic characteristics that the market requires and of which Nctm wants be a protagonist.
Hence the need to draw new borders, a new virtual background within which men and women working for the Firm can recognise themselves, consolidating their sense of belonging, and outside of which the features of Nctm can be appreciated and distinguished.

A new tale, a new space of individual and collective activism, a new way to present oneself.

Alberto Burri once wrote to Giulio Macchi about the Teatro Continuo: “… it is a skeleton of theatre but I think it contains the essence.”

The Teatro Continuo, live thanks to Nctm, it’s a spectacular background and open stage, with a solid and light architecture. A space designed as a place to meet and discuss, seems to us a perfect metaphor of what Nctm is and what wants to be.

To stick to the essential, in each senses of the word, is the North Star of Nctm.

This same essence that we have synthesise in a symbol that takes a graphic element from Teatro Continuo: the mark of Nctm’s future.

Un nuovo racconto

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