Core activities

For every business, it is vital to ensure that its activities be carried on in full compliance with the various and ever-changing regulations of the sector, taking the best from the opportunities offered. To this end, NCTM has built up a well-established experience in assisting and advising businesses on commercial and corporate matters.

The firm provides advice and assistance on an ongoing basis, also through specialist teams, at all stages of the business lifecycle, from start-up to development and consolidation, to restructuring and internationalisation.

The department’s core activities are as follows:

  • day-to-day advice in commercial or corporate matters, through organised teams to meet the clients’ needs in real time;
  • Business contracts (distribution, sales concession, supply and outsourcing, tolling, franchising, agency, mediation, business procurement, procurement of works and services, merchandising, sponsorship, cash pooling, commission, deposit, general terms and conditions of sale or purchase, etc.);
  • Strategic advice (start-up, development and consolidation, restructuring and internationalisation of a business);
  • on-going advice in specialist areas, regarding specific issues or sectors.

Our services include corporate secretarial services for handling all corporate formalities, company book running and compliance matters.