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Islamic Finance news
Banking & Finance Law
Italy: A step back toward the development of Islamic finance?
The last months before the summer break appeared to be particularly promising for the development of Islamic finance in Italy. In early March, a law proposal for the first Italian sovereign Sukuk issuance was put forward to the attention of the Italian lawmakers. Immediately th...
il Sole 24 Ore - NORME E TRIBUTI
Tax Law
The transfer to the real estate fund is not elusive
Extract from il Sole 24 Ore – NORME E TRIBUTI With a defence team led by the partner Federico Trutalli, head of the Tax Department, Nctm Studio Legale gains the recognition of an important principle of law in ...
il Sole 24 Ore
Administrative & European Public Law - International Desk
Ceramic sector: pressing on Ue for the antidumping duties extension
Extract from il Sole 24 Ore The Commission, the Council and the European Parliament are negotiating anti-dumping duties to offset imports of undercutting products from non-EU countries in Europe. The made in Italy ceramic sector is awaiting the extension of its duties.
Il sole 24 Ore - NORME E TRIBUTI
Tax Law
The Supreme Court recognized the fiscal deductibility of an uneconomic cost
Extract from il Sole 24 Ore – NORME E TRIBUTI The tax deductibility of a cost – in terms of its possible uneconomic nature – cannot b...
Litigation & Arbitration
Arbitration in italy
Extract from Lexology What legislation applies to arbitration in your jurisdiction?
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