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Nctm and Studio Bettini Formigaro Pericu in the purchase by BT Group of telecommunication network in Emilia Romagna from the IREN Group

Nctm Studio Legale advised BT Enìa Telecomunicazioni S.p.A., a company controlled by BT Italia S.p.A., in the purchase of a line of business relating to a telecommunication network extending for approx. 1,500 km in Emilia Romagna belonging to IRETI S.p.A. (a company of the IREN Group engaged in ...

Nctm, Innovative Law Firm

With the removal of sanctions against Iran, it has become immediately clear that Italian companies would soon take steps to restore their relationships with a country that historically has always been one of the key trading partners of Italy.

Nctm Studio Legale has from the very first mome...


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