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Shipping and Transport Bulletin – December 2017 – January 2018
In this issue, we consider when and how it is possible to change the intended use of a port area, bearing in mind that, in Italy, the organisational structure of a port is set out in the Port Master Plan. We address once again the issues related to the prohibition on controlling two termin...
Corporate & Commercial – November 2017
This issue of the Corporate & Commercial Department’s Newsletter deals with the main anti-money-laundering new law provisions introduced by Legislative Decree no. 90 of 25 May 2017 which, in implementation of Directive (EU) 2015/849 (the so-called fourth anti-money laundering Directive)...
Litigation & Arbitration – October 2017
The Joint Divisions of the Italian Supreme Court confirm the compatibility of punitive damages with public order in Italy: a focus on judgment No. 16601 of 5 July 2017 So, it’s been confirmed: the Italian Supreme Court, acting in the Joint Divisions format, has followed ...
Across The EUniverse – Number Twenty three
Summer is over and Autumn is truly upon us bringing back many of the winds that seemed die down in the golden summer of Macron. Eurosceptic parties have made electoral gains in Germany and in Austria and the same has now happened in the Czech Republic. The hope that Macron and Merkel could push f...
Restructuring & Turnaround –
Special Edition October 2017
The Italian Government has been delegated to enact a comprehensive restatement of the whole set of rules of insolvency procedures, with specific innovative addresses regarding (to mention only the most important) the concordato preventivo procedure, venue rules, an out-of-court mediation alert pr...
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