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Restructuring & Turnaround – February 2018
In this issue we deal with a few issues relating to corporate spin-offs and pending contracts in case of a subsequent insolvency liquidation of the company, as well as the issue of legal fees due for assistance of debtors in concordato preventivo procedures. From the first point...
Litigation & Arbitration – February 2018
In this issue of our Litigation & Arbitration Newsletter we have considered the consequences, in terms of validity, of donations of financial instruments or cash not made by public deed. The issue was the subject-matter of recent judgement no. 18725 of 2017 of the Supreme Court en banc, where...
Shipping and Transport Bulletin
February-March 2018
At last, the Italian Antitrust Authority took a stand on the criteria for awarding maritime state property concessions. Let’s make some clarity. When does an authorisation under Article 16 of Italian Port Law “expire”? The question may seem trivial but, under certain circum...
Corporate & Commercial – January 2018
In the present issue of the Corporate&Commercial Department’s Newsletter we analyze the main innovations concerning the matter of whistleblowing contained in Law no. 179/2017, entitled “Provisions for the protection of persons disclosing crimes or irregularities that they witnessed as par...
Across The EUniverse – Number Twenty four
1 January 2018 is the 70th anniversary of the entry into force of the Treaty of Rome, signed between Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and West Germany on 25 March 1957. A lot has happened in those seventy years. Much of what was done could have been done better. Certain decisio...
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