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This firm is commended for taking a slightly more personal approach to work than some of its multinational competitors, and clients value ’the presence of the senior partners at all stages of the deal’
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Nctm Law Firm
With more than 250 professionals, 69 partners and 5 offices in Italy and abroad (Milan, Rome, Brussels, London and Shanghai), Nctm is one of the leading independent Italian law firms in terms of size, number and relevance of transactions handled.

Nctm has never ceased to grow since its foundation in 2000. Nctm provides its assistance, both nationally and internationally, in legal and tax matters and in all areas of business law. Its practice areas and departments are fully committed, through multidisciplinary team working, to meeting the clients’ needs.

Consistently with the specialization strategy pursued over the years, in recent times Nctm has considered it necessary to manage the peculiarities of specific areas through the establishment of companies or professional associations dedicated to individual activities in order to provide its clients with the highest level of technological innovation and quality of service.

In this perspective, first, in 2013, iLex.net S.r.l. was established as a joint venture with the law firm Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo, to develop proprietary software dedicated to the management of law firms; then, in 2017, Solve Studio Legale was set up for the management of debt collection and serial litigation and, lastly, in 2020, UniQLegal s.t.a.p.a. was formed as a joint venture with Unicredit S.p.A. and La Scala for the management of banking litigation.

In June 2020, as a further step in the strategy of developing product companies, NextLegal s.t.a.p.a. was born from  Solve’s experience, on the initiative of Nctm Studio Legale and Cribis Credit Management (belonging to the CRIF Group), to act as a reference law firm in the areas of NPL portfolio management, massive debt recovery and serial litigation, focused on process automation.

Nctm stands out in the market and among the experts of law as an innovator in many respects. The Firm has achieved many firsts in legal and tax consulting and made pioneering choices in the field of technology as well.

Moreover, the Firm stands out for its modern and transparent corporate governance, inspired by the key concepts of lightness, rapidity, accuracy, visibility, multiplicity and consistency. First in Italy to propose an acronym as its brand, the synthesis of a team of professionals united by shared values, the Firm is also at the forefront of corporate identity, pursuing a path to promote culture and a project to support contemporary art, nctm e l’arte.