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About Pharma and Medical Devices
Corporate & Commercial Law
Pharmaceutical companies at the test of telemedicine
Reducing the distances imposed by the measures for containment of contagion in order to regularly provide patients with healthcare services: this is the reason for the growing interest of the world of health – including the Ministry of Health –  in telemedicine and related applicatio...
Capital Markets
Borsa Italiana approves amendments to AIM Italia Issuers Regulation and Related Party Rules
On 25 June 2021, Borsa Italiana S.p.A. (“Borsa Italiana”), by notice No. 22008 [1] (“Notice”), notified the market of the introduction of certain amendments to the AIM Italia Issuers Regulation (“Issuers Regu...
Insurance Law
Lazio Regional Administrative Court, judgment No. 7549 of 23 June 2021: cancellation of certain provisions of IVASS Regulation No. 40 of 2018, introduced by IVASS Order No. 97/2020 on horizontal cooperation and consistency assessment
By judgment No. 7549, published on 23 June 2021, the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio, upholding the claims of the Sindacato Nazionale Agenti di Assicurazione – National Union of Insurance Agents -(“S.N.A.“), ruled on the application for cancellation of th...
Marine, Transport & Logistics
Contributions from Nctm Offices Around the World | April – June 2021
Maritime taxonomy: new study on “sustainable” maritime transports In accordance with the EU Green Deal and the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, the EU is preparing a new legislative package, which should be published during summer of 2021, with...
Marine, Transport & Logistics
A strike can be considered as a “force majeure event” only if it does not occur within an internal trade union conflict… this has now been confirmed also by the European Court of Justice
In contracts commonly used, including in our industry, it is customary to include clauses that provide a definition of the concept of “force majeure” and therefore specify the “extraordinary and unpredictable” events upon the occurrence of which breach of contract is to ...
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