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Is it possible to keep the benefits of the Iran nuclear deal even with US sanctions?
Amending the EU’s Blocking Regulation to counter the re-imposition of sanctions by the United States is ineffective and does not ensure that EU enterprises will invest in, or do business with, Iran. The problem this note shows is that more effective measures to protect individual EU enterprises...
Banking & Finance Law
Banks, default and public confidence: waiting for decision from the new Government
The Italian banking world is currently going through a period of deep-rooted change. Last year, certain Italian banks took centre stage in the media, namely: Monte Paschi di Siena, a bank having a long tradition and operating throughout the whole of Italy, which has often been refinanced t...
Promoting inland waterway transport in the EU
This Article is the first of a series of articles concerning inland waterway transport (hereinafter “IWT”) in the EU. This introductory article focuses on the importance of implementing and further developing inland waterways transport in the EU. IWT, together with roa...
The EU way to simplify legislation: the revision of Directive 2008/118/EC on excise duty
Will the EU get a completed Single Market? The harmonization of excise duties is a precondition for completing the EU Single Market.  Directive 2008/118/EC[1]and related EU Law seek to harmonise the general conditions for the changing excise duty. The ...
Is the EU becoming more unilateralist?
This article is based on a presentation made to the Montreal/Statale University 2018 Summer School in bilateral trade relations between the EU and North America, given on 28 May in Montreal Canada. Trade of meat into the EU To be able to export meat to the EU, the European Union h...
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