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Islamic Finance news
Banking & Finance Law
Still hoping for an Italian sovereign Sukuk issuance
According to a recent press release of the Ministry of Finance, the value of Italian public real estate assets — some one million cadastral units with a surface of 325 million square meters — is in the region of EUR283 billion (US$331.78 billion). In terms of the ty...
Thomson Reuters
Corporate & Commercial Law - Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity
Doing business in Italy
A Q&A guide to doing business in Italy. This Q&A gives an overview of key recent developments affecting doing business in Italy as well as an introduction to the legal...
Islamic Finance news
Banking & Finance Law
Italy: What next after the general elections?
At the recent general elections last March the majority of votes went to the two populist parties. It remains to be seen whether they will be able to form a government after a fierce fight during the electoral campaign. The deadlock parliament has raised the attention of investors and fun...
Islamic Finance News
Banking & Finance Law
Italian cooperatives looking for financing
Italian cooperatives are a major component of the national economy, operating in many sectors, and in some of them (as well as in some regions) have a very large market share. The cooperative model based on the ‘one head, one vote’ principle is fully recognized by Art...
Centro Studi Italia Canada
CETA: “A new model of trade agreement, open up to the services, but also in innovation, protection and sustainability”
Extract from Centro Studi Italia Canada The seminar “Destination Business Québec”, promoted by the Québec Government Delegation in Rome in collaboration with Nctm Studio Legale and Centro Studi Italia Canada (CSIC), was the opportunity for inter...
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