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Nctm advises Viscolube Group on the acquisition of Centro Risorse

The Viscolube Group, a leader in Italy in the regeneration of used mineral oil and the management of solvents and special waste, acquired from the holding Ecorisorse 70% of Centro Risorse S.r.l., a leading Italian company engaged in hazardous waste management and treatment. At the same time, the Viscolube Group acquired from Ecorisorse control of other four companies operating in the field of chemical analysis, water treatment, transport and environmental consulting.

Besides its historical activities of waste oil regeneration and solvent treatment, the Viscolube Group operates a network of companies which in 2017 managed a total of 175 thousand tonnes of industrial waste for more than 15,000 customers. As a result of the transaction, the Group acquired a plant for the treatment of different types of waste, doubling the volumes managed and the turnover of its Environment Division.

Nctm Studio Legale assisted the Viscolube Group with a team led by Raffaele Caldarone, assisted by Eleonora Sofia Parrocchetti.

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