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Shipping & Transport Bulletin
June – July 2018
In the last two months, the Regional Administrative Court of Piedmont has repeatedly expressed its view regarding the scope of the regulatory competence of the Italian Transport Regulation Authority and the obligation to pay a fee for its functioning. We would like to shed light on the Cou...
Restructuring & Turnaround – April 2018
In this issue we deal with a few issues relating to pending contracts in the extraordinary administration procedure, to professional claims for services in turnaround schemes and to declaration of bankruptcy of de facto partnerships. The Court of Cassation has offered clarifications as to ...
Shipping and Transport Bulletin
April – May 2018
The Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports specified certain criteria that the Port System Authorities must take into account when comparing applications for the renewal and/or issue of concessions pursuant to Article 18 of Law No. 84/94. Let’s learn more about said criteria...
Corporate & Commercial – March 2018
In this issue of the Newsletter, we take a cue from the Court of Milan to address the issue of abuse of right by minority shareholders of a limited liability company. Also in the corporate area, we examine the right of withdrawal vested upon a shareholder in the event of a reduction in the...
Across The EUniverse – Number Twenty five
There are some in the UK who argue that the dream of a united Europe is dead. They say that the attempts to recreate the Roman Empire with the Holy Roman Empire or with the Hapsburgs or Napoleon or even Hitler were always doomed to failure. The argument goes that Rome was a voluntary aggregation ...
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