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Shipping & Transport Bulletin
June – July 2019
In this issue: The Court of Genoa has determined that an Italian Port System Authority is an undertaking for the purposes of Italian antitrust law. Let’s analyse this important decision. In March the Italian Ministry for Infrastructures and Transports issued the new guidelines...
Litigation & Arbitration – May 2019
In this issue of our Litigation & Arbitration Newsletter we have considered a decision of the Court of Milan (dated 25 January 2018) that identifies the scope of precautionary protection in case of damage to honour and reputation. The preventive measure that, according to the Court of Milan, ...
Corporate & Commercial – May 2019
With this edition of the Corporate&Commercial Department Newsletter, we are first of all investigating a topic of importance for all foreign companies that do not have their registered office, either main or secondary, in Italy. We will analyse in fact the decision of the Criminal Court of Lu...
Shipping & Transport Bulletin | April – May 2019
In this issue: By a recent order, the Court of Livorno has stated certain important principles in respect of port concessions. Let’s consider such principles. The European Court of Justice recently ruled on the well-known matter of alleged State aids in the case “Fallimento ...
Restructuring & Turnaround
February-March 2019
The new Code (Codice della Crisi e dell’Insolvenza) has been published in the Italian Official Gazette on 14 February 2019 (Legislative Decree 12 January 2019, No. 14). The CCI is due to come into force on 14 August 2020, while some provisions will come into force on 16 March...
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