Employment Law and Industrial Relations

I felt like the lawyers were part of my team; they really created a personal feeling. In addition to that, they gave great theoretical advice and clearly interpreted complex issues.
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The lawyers have substantial experience in all aspects of employment law but are particularly strong on corporate-related matters. The team mostly advises international groups.They always make an effort to form a strategy based on the company’s needs.
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With its solid structure, the Employment Law and Industrial Relations Department offers comprehensive and coordinated assistance over all specializations that Human Resources Management requires.

Nctm has developed considerable experience assisting industrial, commercial and financial groups and companies, including international bodies, in addition to top management in the following areas:

  • corporate restructuring: mobility procedures, incentive plans for voluntary work, CIGO, CIGS, solidarity contracts;
  • individual and collective redundancies;
  • disciplinary proceedings, disciplinary disputes and imposition of sanctions;
  • contractual contracts, customer liability, detachment and transfer;
  • Assistance in M ​​& A operations, union consultation procedures pursuant to art. 47 Law no. 428/90 and art. 2 D.Lgs. 18/2001 on the cession / transfer of business lines and mergers with automatic transfer of employment relationships;
  • Trade union law: drafting collective agreements of various levels with the assistance of the parties involved, drawing up disciplinary codes and policies;
  • stock option plans and other forms of incentive and retention; company welfare plans;
  • management assistance in MBO operations;
  • assistance to company directors;
  • Relief for expatriates, including Tax;
  • customer assistance in the field of administrative inspections and in subsequent controversies against INPS, INAIL and the Ministry of Labour;
  • work safety and compliance with L. 231;
  • privacy and data protection;
  • conciliations: Labour Law transactions, even in a protected place, concerning consensual resolutions of the employment relationship and good composition of labour disputes;
  • consultancy and contingency on the topics mentioned in the preceding paragraphs.

In handling these issues at a multidisciplinary level, Nctm adds the ability to provide integrated solutions in other disciplines such as the management of labour organizations, psychology and work sociology; this allows us to provide practical and tailored solutions to the specific needs of the customer. The Law Firm is also recognized for the ability to adopt strategies and suggest  ways to avoid litigation and therefore costs and time related to it.